Commissioning a portrait of a family member or institutional figure is a unique and memorable endeavor. A portrait signifies the value and self esteem one has for an individual and can also recognize the contributions and achievements of institutional leaders.

J.Daniel Portraiture & Fine Art offers comprehensive services during all stages of the commission process. We pride ourselves in excellent client service and the depth of our knowledge in portraiture and fine art. Having a “representative” is provided at no additional cost and is the same price that
you would pay working directly with an artist.

Our representation includes:

  • Assisting with artist selection
  • Ongoing communication with the artist and client
  • Scheduling all sittings and appointments
  • Arranging travel accommodations
  • Coordinating delivery schedules
  • Consulting on framing, installation, unveiling ceremonies, name plates, appraisals and insurance.

SELECTING AN ARTIST The client and JDP representative review portfolios with a focus on style, budget and time frame. After the artist is selected, JDP discusses the scope and details of the portrait with the artist and begins the scheduling process.
MEDIUM, SIZE AND SETTING Choices include, oil, pastel, watercolor, charcoal, pencil, and sculpture. Sizes are typically head and shoulders, three-quarter figure and full figure. Settings can be formal or informal; indoors or outdoors.
TIMING There is no “right or best” age or time to commission a portrait. It depends on the subject and circumstances. Parents know that children can be charming at many ages and when commissioning a portrait best suits their family.
LOGISTICS Once JDP is engaged for the commission, the artist travels to the location of the the client and/or subject. An overnight stay for the artist is normally necessary for one subject and possibly longer for more than one subject. Accommodations often vary. When an artist arrives, many clients enjoy a personal visit prior to the actual sitting. Time together helps the artist get to know and better understand the subject, as well as, the client’s expectations. At an appointed time, the artist photographs the subject, reviews the material with the client/subject and returns to the studio to paint the portrait.
PORTRAIT PRICES Portrait prices vary by artist, given the medium, size and the portion of the figure being painted in the portrait, and include the sitting and completed portrait. Additional costs for the client are travel and accommodations, shipping, framing and sales tax if applicable.
COMMISSION AGREEMENT The Commission Agreement states the details of the commission; price, size of figure, date of sitting, location of sitting, approximate completion date for portrait and other appropriate information.
PAYMENT A 40% deposit of the portrait price is required 60 days before the sitting, which means the deposit could be due with the signed Agreement. The balance is due after the portrait is completed and delivered. JDP bills clients for travel as soon as it occurs.
SITTING JDP coordinates and arranges the details of the sitting for the artist and client.
FRAMING Some artists choose to frame their portraits, or JDP can coordinate the framing with a reputable and quality framer who has experience in framing commissioned portraits.